Thursday, April 19, 2007


We're moving to here:

Monday, February 26, 2007

The world is still chaotic or at least my little part. If you think having two family's live in a 2 bedroom mobile home is tight try adding a visiting family of four .
Then add a fashion diva of 4 who thinks the way to choose what she is going to wear is to pick it out of the drawer and throw it till she finds what she wants to wear which is of course the one on the bottom. If you don't get to it right away of course that means dirty laundry so her drawers are empty and I have lot of laundry.
the weather has been dismal so everyone is inside and the living room has no floor to be seen but the children are happy.

Tom Shawn and I have all had the flu and I hope the rest do not get it

Tom and I are going to crackers to take care of her animals while she goes and retrieves the first of her daughters Tara's job in Idaho is finished and she has to much stuff for one car. when she gets home she takes off to help the other daughter Nick move back to Hemet.

i better get going Chase and Brigadoon are hungry type again later

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Girlie Day

Today was a girlie day for us here at Camp Chaos. Chaos Kid gave us the go ahead, and go ahead we did. We started day off with a trip to the nail salon, where we will definately be going back. Then off to Starbucks for two blended chocolate milks, a peppermint mocha frap, and a blended tangerine green tea for LadyBug. Then it was time for some power shopping. First Target, which we were alerady in, then Walmart. I've done all of my Christmas shopping, now it just has to be wrapped. By then we were all starved, as our day had started at about 8:30 and it was now 2:00 and the girls and I were surviving on pure caffine. So we had a very filling lunch at Farmer Boy's. Then it was off to Grandpa's so LadyBug could take him for a check-up.

While they were at the doctor the girls and I went to the mall and then to the park. From there it was off to Albertson's to get some meat for Grandpa's dinner, on to Grandpa's to cook his dinner, and then home. Where we had a strange messsage from a florist who couldn't find our address. Could that have been because the guys from the county had to move the mailbox when they took out all the trees.*

It was a good thing that we had a tray of enchiladas in the freezer or we would've been sunk. All in all it was a good day.

*The county took out all but one of the pepper tres we had in fornt of our house and the one next door, not to mention a few on the othe end oof the block. I'll have to post pictures later of the before and after.

Photos at nail salon taken by Rapunzel.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Top Four

The sweater she just had to have.
Flutter and Dabu.
Another Sweater To Cherish.
SHOES!!! Thank You Grandpa.
I say the top four because these are the top four I was able to get photos of. She also got an antique necklace, laptop "'puter", panties, a dress, skirt and top, jumper and top, felt coloring board, animal book, SSC coloring book, doll and horse, pink boots, and a kitchen set. And this was only party number one.

Yep, she gets another party on Wednesday. We do this two birthday partiy thing frequently, because we have to have parties for both sides of the family.

Anyways, this is being posted here because this was an unplanned birthday party. Yep, that's what I said, unplanned. Of course that means invite the entire family, buy hamburger and hot dog fixings, ice, sodas, and make a cheesecake.

All in all I think everyone had a good time. I know I did and I didn't even really do anything. All that mattered was that SuperChic had a good time, and I'm sure she did. Just look at that smile if you need more proof. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 13, 2006

tales from the camp

I have two stories tonight.

The first story is about the big spaghetti dinner my mom cooked tonight. It was delicious as usual. There was salad and garlic bread and lots and lots of tasty sauce to put on noodles. Nobody makes spaghetti dinner like Mom. However, nobody has a sense of humor like mom either. I'm not saying my mom is a comedian or anything but she does have interesting timing.

Just as we're a third of the way into the meal, taking big bites and enjoying the company of family, she says,

"There's an extra ingredient in tonight's dinner."

She pauses and looks around the table waiting for us to guess what it is. I'm thinking rosmary or maybe a bay leaf, something savory that I smelled as she was cooking earlier.

"What's the secret ingredient," asks Chaos or me or maybe CC, I forget.

"Ants!" says my mom with a perfectly straight face.

I nearly spit out my dinner. "What!!!!" All of us stop eating mid bite.

"There were ants in the sugar bowl and I accidentally dumped in the sugar before I noticed them," says my mom matter of factly.

Thankfully, CC was nearby when this happened and she assured us all that there was only an ant or two in the sugar bowl and none of them actually made it into dinner. Or maybe she's just telling us that to make us feel better.

"Besides," says CC "Ants are sterile and a good source of protein."

Good to know. But I'll have to give my mom credit for making a good dinner because I kept on eating anyway. If there were ants in dinner, they tasted pretty good.

* * *

The second story is about a cooking mistep I made. The other day CC made a batch of banana muffins and to top them she melted butter and mixed together sugar and cinnamon. She left the extra cinnamon and sugar mixture out on the table for us to use on toast for breakfast. Then because my mom was worried about the cats getting up on the table and sampling the cinnamon sugar, she poured it into a shaker for us to use.

The next morning when I was helping get the girls ready for school, I made Super Chic a piece of toast and sprinkled it liberally with the shaker that was beside the toaster oven. It was kind of funny because Super Chic had been begging and begging for toast but when I put the toast in front of her, she just took one mouse bite and wouldn't touch the rest of it. That is not like Super Chic. She usually gobbles up her morning toast. Finally, I gave up and let her get up from the table so she could get dressed and go to school. She didn't say a peep about what was wrong with her toast. I just figured it was typical unexplainable three-year-old behavior.

Later CC woke up and sat down at the table to talk to me while I was feeding Baby Bug. I told her about Super Chic not eating her toast. CC didn't seem too worried and since she was sitting in the same spot, she decided she would eat the toast. It looked pretty tasty afterall.

After a few bites CC looks at me funny and says, "Why does this taste salty? Did Super Chic put salt on her toast?"

And then it clicked. My mom keeps vegetable salt next to the toaster oven. I got up and found the shaker to show CC. "This is what I put on it. Is this cinnamon sugar or is it vegetable salt?" I looked around and sure enough on another counter was another shaker filled with a similar brownish concoction. Vegetable salt and cinnamon sugar look almost EXACTLY alike.

Poor CC. She had taken two or three bites already. Salty buttery toast doesn't really taste that yummy, especially when you shake it on liberally. But most of all poor Super Chic. Now I know why she wouldn't eat her toast. It's just funny because she didn't say a word about it tasting funny. I guess she just figures it's normal for Aunties to do strange things with toast.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Before & After

No explanation necessary. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dear Uncle Chaos

I thought you'd like to know that Baby Bug DOES NOT like avocados. Not one little bit.

xoxo B & BB